SEO Tools you need in 2018

Every website should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly in that niche to reach the top position in SERP. Here, I suggest some of the free SEO tools in Perth which definitely can help you achieve that goal.



1. Google Adwords

Every website owner should have the knowledge in adwords to enhance their business. The G00gle Adwords has two main features (i) Keyword Planner: Keywords are the most important part of every successful campaign. This tool allows you find the long tail keywords for your business with historic search volume and competition. You can create new keywords and adgroup ideas easily. (ii) Campaign Management: Allows you to create and manage a campaign.

2. Google Trends

It is the most versatile search tool which allows users to check how frequently a specific keyword or phrase is searched on the web. You can search upto 5 keywords simultaneously. Also, it is used to perform both content marketing and brand monitoring. This tool has lots of features. For example, “Hot searches” option is used to find the top 40 searches of that day. “Also visited” and “also searched for” options show more search terms.

3. WooRank

Woorank is the most important and useful website analysis tools. It analyzes your website’s SEO friendliness and explain around 50 criteria about your website with free of charge. It gives a score to your website on a 100 point scale based on SEO friendly features. And even you don’t need to register on it to use its basic features.

4. Google Page Speed Insights

It analyzes your website performance and handles with your site’s speed and mobilization issues. Based on your desktop and mobile friendliness it gives you score on a scale of 0 to 100. This tool not only highlights the errors also provide the solutions to fix those issues. It tells what issues needs to be fixed and how you can fix it. But the solution doesn’t work all the time.

5. Google Analytics

Analytics has lots of features. Mainly it collects the data about your website’s traffic. For example, location, language, browser, and device details of your visitors. After collecting the data it provides the report in both graph manners as well as text manner. Other than traffic you can see your campaign activity, Goal activity, etc. It is the best tool to increase your traffic. There are both free and paid versions are available in Google Analytics. You can use the basic features with free of cost.

6. Browseo

It is a very easy tool to use. It says how search engines view your website as well as provide some more details about various elements like server response, Meta tags, and etc. In some cases, useful information of web pages may not be visible to search engine. So this tool will help you resolve that issue. You can compare the search engine view and original view to avoid such issues. Not only auditing you can use this tool for troubleshooting. “Check for fraud” option in the right column will help you avoid cloaking attempt.

7. Ahrefs

Ahref is the best backlinks checker tool. It gives an overview of your website, including Referring Pages, Referring domains, Subnets, IPs, and Total Backlinks. The backlink report is very easy to understand because it gives information in category wise such as External, new/lost, Anchors, and Pages. You can download these data in the premium version. You can use this tool for competitive analysis. This tool allows you to check your competitor’s performance for your keyword.

8. Copyscape

It is a free duplicate content detection tool. Google updates penalize the sites which contain Plagiarism contents so it may push down your site visibility from search results. This tool checks each and every sentence of your website’s content and gives an accurate result.

9. Buffer

It is a Great tool which improves your social activity. And you can manage all your social networks under one dashboard. You can connect all your social accounts together (like DB, twitter, etc.) and schedule your post at anytime you want. But with the free version, you can schedule only 10 posts at a time.

10. MOZ

Moz has a lot of inbuilt tools to improve your website’s growth. Such as (i) On-site Explorer: Analyze and report about your competitor and backlink research. (ii)Followerwonk: It analyzes your twitter account and help to increase your social growth. (iii) MozBar: Analyze your page elements and SERP results (iv) Moz Local: You can check your business listings on Google.

Hire a Milwaukee SEO Specialist Today

Searching for a Milwaukee SEO Specialist is something that you should begin working on as soon as you come to the conclusion that offering something different to the market is something that you would like to try your hand at. The beautiful thing about the internet is the ability that it gives people to come up with an idea that they feel would be meaningful and follow it from the time it enters their head to the point where it allows them to generate income and begin setting up their business for growth in the future.


The ability to operate online has many advantages including the fact that you no longer have to worry about paying staff members for hours that they would be putting into your operation. Instead, you would have the freedom of being able to keep your doors open around the clock without any expense of labor. In addition to saving money on staffing, you do not have to worry about the cost that typically comes attached to keeping the lights on. All of these savings would ensure that your business is in a great place to find success within the market.

However, it is important that you are able to see the areas that you may be lacking and account for these weaknesses in order to make them strengths. Advertising is probably not something that you are great at. When you are running a business that is based around the internet, there are millions of options for every person to decide how they would like to spend their time or money. People use search engines as a means of discovering new website every day, this is probably not something that you are aware of.

When someone enters a term that you have content for, this would be the key to getting them to have a look at your website. When they arrive at your page, you would then simply focus on giving them a quality experience that they are going to look for in the future. Typically, this means that your website should be easy to navigate with content that takes a very simple approach.

5 best eCommerce SEO tips

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a big role in determining how much traffic, and therefore sales, an eCommerce store makes.

Many eCommerce sites struggle with SEO because it is hard to present product buying pages that are quick and easy for customers, but also of sufficient quality to avoid Google Panda, and other SEO penalties.

A lot of eCommerce sites also use automated product and inventory systems that have the advantage of handling many products, but the disadvantage of producing what Google calls thin content.


This article looks at 5 top SEO issues that eCommerce store owners face, and offers practical tips on how to overcome them in order to successfully drive plenty of targeted organic search traffic.

Top 5 eCommerce SEO tips

The bad news about good SEO is that it takes plenty of work. It is no longer the case that having more product pages results in more sales – if anything, the opposite is true.

Google wants store owners to have high quality pages with plenty of valuable content, instead of millions of product pages with little to no useful content.

At the end of the day, if you want to attract organic search traffic, you have to ask yourself “Why would Google send visitors to my site, instead of Amazon or eBay?

1. Differentiate

The eCommerce industry is highly competitive. In order to stand out, you need to have content that offers something unique and valuable to visitors.

Why not create video content showing the products in use. Get reviews from customers. Something. Anything.

Make your pages engaging, unique – give people food for thought, something to talk about and share.

Anything out of the ordinary will help create buzz, generate social media traffic, and ultimately organic search traffic.

2. No thin content

A product page that displays a picture, a price, and some buying options, without any content, is considered a low value, or thin page by Google. It is very unlikely that a page like this would rank high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you want a page to drive Web traffic from the search engines, it needs to have plenty of great content. End of story.

Easier said than done when you have hundreds or thousands of products, I know. But, if you put in the effort to add unique content (it could be in the form of reviews, interesting facts, unusual information about the products, anything relevant), it will pay dividends.

3. Focus

Is it better to have thousands of product pages that appear anywhere in the first ten pages of search results, or a few tens of products that appear on the first page every time?

The answer is that is far more profitable to dominate a small niche than to compete half-heartedly over many, or broader, niches.

I recently did a study on the earnings of a single SEO Entrepreneur blog post in the article entitled How to make a blog profitable. In it, you’ll see how a single page that dominates its niche can bring in thousands of dollars in revenue, without even selling a product.

The only way to achieve this kind of performance from your SEO and content is to focus on a single niche (you can always branch out at a later date).

4. Quality eCommerce platform

Google takes performance and speed seriously. Having a high quality shopping cart solution is absolutely vital if you are going to compete on an even footing.

Leading shopping cart website builders offer hosted eCommerce solutions for a fraction of the price it would cost to develop your own eCommerce site.

Not only that, but you benefit from integration with all the latest technologies, and you can be sure that your online store will be under continual development and improvement. Not to mention the community and support that comes with it.


5. Go local, go mobile

Ok, so this is actually 2 tips in one. And, while they are unrelated from a technical SEO point of view, they are equally important.

Local SEO is probably more important for eCommerce sites than you think. Google strongly favors local results over more generic ones. This is because the majority of searches that take place on Google request local information.

Resource: Search Engine Optimization in notts

Online Gaming with Transistor

Supergiant Games’ second release is fantastic and gives fans of Bastion more of what made their first game so enjoyable, and more terrific voice work from Logan Cunningham. Anyone who may be a little bit apprehensive of Transistor because it might have changed too much of the secret sauce, fear not. The great folk at Supergiant Games have not done you wrong. While Bastion was head and shoulders above its peers due to the stylized visuals, the beautiful, powerful and haunting soundtrack, and incredibly inclusive gameplay that retains depth for people who want it.

Right in the feels.

Transistor kicks off with a resolute sense of what it is and drops players into the role of renowned nightclub singer Red as she begins to crest rock bottom. No background or long, protracted backstory about who she is, the world, whatever went down on the previous night and the mystery had me totally enthralled.Transistor wants you to let it wash over you despite not knowing what might be in store. But Transistor doesn’t betray the trust, leading the player on a gripping and atypical sci-fi story with a versatile combat system that blends turn based strategic move making with real time action combat.


While you progress through Cloudbank, the world in which Transistor takes place, you discover materializations of the things that rampage unchecked, tearing Cloudbank apart called the Process. But with a mysterious great sword – the transistor – taken from the corpse of a dead man at the start of the game, that is too big and heavy for Red to wield, made evident by the way she drags it behind her. With this weapon, Red must fight the Process. Players have the choice to duke it out in real time and keep things more action oriented, but also have the ability to use something called Turn, the ability to slow down time to a crawl to better plan your next steps more carefully. While you can engage in the combat without the turn based stuff, it is arguably the more effective of the two ways to do battle. Running around triggering moves with button presses is ok, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed quickly this way.

Players will accrue many upgrades from the remains of processed citizens of Cloudbank in the form of new techniques, referred to as functions. Totalling 16 in all and they’re each unique in how they perform on their own but the fun is in how they augment other functions when slotted into them. One of my favourite functions spawned a dog that helped me managed and dispatch groups of, some nifty movement focused functions, as well as temporarily mind controlling my enemies. I won’t spoil how I personally augmented them so as not to hinder your own creativity. I will say that the wealth of options afforded to the player is vast and deep, and when you discover a combo that works particularly well for you in combat the feeling of satisfaction is powerful.

Things don’t always go this smooth when you’re slamming and jamming in real time.

The combat in Transistor gives the player a distinct advantage over the Process with Turn(), the ability to strategically plan moves, because your enemies give no quarter. The Process goes the extra mile to make things difficult for players by playing dirty, occasionally your turns will be interrupted or your vision will be impaired, obscuring your view and making it hard to function in the heat of battle. The challenging combat helps to make overcoming the obstacles all the more rewarding. On top of that, similar to the idols in Bastion, things called limiters exist as optional mutators to spice up the challenge and adequately up the reward, bestowing more experience for encounters.

What happened to everyone in Cloudbank? Who was the man you found impaled by the sword? What is the Process? All a mysteris that Red must get to the bottom of, but she’s not completely on her own. The man who she found had his essence stolen into the sword and now it speaks with (presumably) his voice, adding narration, contextual feedback and enlightening you to the past of Cloudbank as you shamble through it. Since whatever happened the night before, Red has lost any and all ability to use her once magnificent voice, but still manages to remain resolute in her mission due in no small part to the Transistor and the comforting way it speaks to her like an old friend.

To fill in the blanks of what’s happening, logs and files remain on fallen citizens as well as hidden functions. Utilizing the functions you find in different ways like as active abilities, passive buffs or upgrades will gradually unlock more information about the people who have been ingested by the transistor. This provides some great reasons to mix up your strategy every now and again instead of nesting on the first combination that happens to work. Each entry of the files is so fantastically written, I was motivated to unlock them all because they really fleshed out the people who had fallen to the Process.

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5 Pro Tips to Enhance your Web Presence through Instagram Marketing

Is there any strategy in your marketing plan to use Instagram? Do you want to make the most of this photo-sharing app for the betterment of your business? Instagram is not just a photo-sharing, fun app. It is the social media app that can be helpful to promote your services or products, generate conversations and get more leads.


  1. Add a Link to Your Profile

Your profile is the only place where you can make efforts to place a clickable link on Instagram. If you are looking forward to seeing any success with this platform, you need to use this link in a proper way. You can easily change the URL as much as you want. Website URL is one of the important things to link. It can be your product page, your blog page, a landing page, page to generate leads or any page on your site.


  1. Show What You’ve got

Speak your business story with videos and images. Put your services and products in focus to connect with the audience. On a courier, an image of necklace may not convey the same feeling as the original picture of someone wearing the same with style attire. Get the person on an environment like in a park, party or with family. Suppose your buyers share photos with products, you may share them as UGC (User Generated Content). With an app, you can give the user credit and show your public how others are enjoying your product.


  1. Add Call to Action in Captions

Enhance your post with a caption and convey a simple message to the public. Under each post, the post caption is known to be the first comment which you can choose. No matter how many comments are added, you can always get original caption complete and visible. The valuable space should never be left empty and it needs to be as self-explanatory as possible to complete your message. Make sure not to repeat what the picture has to say. All you need to enhance it. Add a call to action on your caption in order to drive traffic. Engage your audience with a call to action on your post caption. Be sure to have a clear call to action which is also valuable to the followers.


  1. Text Overlays

Putting the Text Overlay to the images is yet another amazing way to add spice to your photos. No matter you are promoting the sale, sharing tips or branding a picture, it ensures that your public won’t miss out your message. You may use tools like PowerPoint or Photoshop to make text overlays on images before uploading them to Instagram. List the options for product, price, promote an event, and inform a limited-period offer or sale in text overlay.


  1. Use Hashtags

In order to make the ideal use of comments and post captions, consider adding some relevant hashtags on your posts. This way, you can improve your reach, visibility, and user engagement. Add hashtags relevant to your posts, business, and your audience. Use hashtags which are popular to get the popular search. Use around 8-10 hashtags in each post. One can use around 30 hashtags in a post. But it rarely needed to overdo it. Have a blend of most popular hashtags with thousands of images, some less popular ones with thousands of images or least popular with less than 1000 images.  This way, it ensures that you can easily access popular searches and stay relevant for up to few minutes while looking for popular hashtags. Save some most widely used hashtags on your PC so you can copy-paste to the posts all the time.

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