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PUBG Roulette is one of the most common gamemode where your goal is to place your credits on a color (usually Red, Black and Green) and then hoping it hits that color. Your goal is to basically just guess the next color, although the color ‘picks’ are generated randomly but sometimes they form a pattern, it’s all about luck! If your selected color is rolled then you earn profits as much as 50x of what you put it. Most sites usually do x2 for red, x2 for black and x14 for green but on some sites you can go upto as much as 50x, unbelievable, right?

As simple as it sounds! Coinflip is a gamemode where you play against a player and pick a side (out of 2), you wager your skins and the opponent wagers a same amount of skins and each one has a 50 percent chance of winning, the site randomly generates a winner and he takes all the wagered skins!

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Best High Speed Router

Most of the routers being sold in the market today are high speed routers. This simply means that it can handle the bandwidth that you are subscribed to. Internet companies usually provide a 1MBps connection and can go as high as 12MBps. The FIOS service through even offers speeds ranging between 15MBps to 150MBps.  These high speed routers are connected to your modem via the Ethernet port. The correct configuration in order is modem, router then computer. Your modem connects to your Internet provider, you connect your high speed router to the modem and your computer connects to the high speed router.


If you compare this with the older routers that operate at slow speeds you would see a great difference in your online experience. With the older routers, video streaming would not work well, downloading of large files would also take quite a lot of time.

A lot of the high speed routers right now have wireless capabilities. This is due to the fact that laptop sales have increased over the years and these laptops have wireless networking devices. When you visit you computer store you might see routers that are wired, wireless or both.

Wired High Speed Router

This type of router is best used if you have desktops that stay at a fixed location in your house. It’s called a wired router since you would have to use an ethernet cord to connect each of your computers to this router. There is less signal interference when you use this router and the Internet speed you get on your computer is fast.

Resource: best wifi routers under 100

Asphalt 8 Airborne Gameplay

Asphalt 8 Airborne has only one disadvantage. To buy one of the best cars you need to spend around 350 000 credits. It is a very huge amount. When you will play without buying any credits from shop you will need to win around 250 races to buy just one car! This is unfair! You need to buy something from shop to have fun playing this game. No one like the low-level cars. They are slow and they have weak acceleration. Collecting the credits is a very tedious and long process. Not everyone has time to spend the whole day on collecting credits and not everyone has money to spend on games. We extend a helping hand for those people.


We regularly dump the old hacks so that you get a new and working hack asphalt 8 every time you come to our website. Our hacks can be used by all players without any exception, from our website is so much easy that anyone can get a Asphalt 8 cheat very easily.


I just noticed this little program over at Mobile Top Soft called (un-surprisingly!) Remote Tracker.

Created for the continued line of devices with GPS built in (Artemis, Kaiser, Diamond etc.) its a neat little application that will track your device using gps and using the program, will text an alternative number details of its location.


Now I have seen programs like this before, and have always thought them lacking due to the fact that all that needed to be done was a hard reset, however this is reported to survive a hard reset using certain registry values. 

I’m not certain what they are but unless a thief is cunning enough to steal a windows mobile device, and then to subsequently be able to hard reset the device, and then know that it has this application on it, then I think there might be a good chance that this could work.

I have not tried it yet, as I am trying to get my device ready for repair, but I will be installing this when my Kaiser is ready. Hell I might even install it on my fiancée’s Diamond just to freak her out once or twice, though I am not advocating for this program to be used just to spy on people!

Whatever your needs/usage for this application may be, more information can be found using the link above, or to just download the program follow the link here.

Don’t forget to list your first impressions, problems, general opinions in the topic thread.

And best of all, don’t forget, its FREE!!!!



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