Most of the routers being sold in the market today are high speed routers. This simply means that it can handle the bandwidth that you are subscribed to. Internet companies usually provide a 1MBps connection and can go as high as 12MBps. The FIOS service through even offers speeds ranging between 15MBps to 150MBps.  These high speed routers are connected to your modem via the Ethernet port. The correct configuration in order is modem, router then computer. Your modem connects to your Internet provider, you connect your high speed router to the modem and your computer connects to the high speed router.


If you compare this with the older routers that operate at slow speeds you would see a great difference in your online experience. With the older routers, video streaming would not work well, downloading of large files would also take quite a lot of time.

A lot of the high speed routers right now have wireless capabilities. This is due to the fact that laptop sales have increased over the years and these laptops have wireless networking devices. When you visit you computer store you might see routers that are wired, wireless or both.

Wired High Speed Router

This type of router is best used if you have desktops that stay at a fixed location in your house. It’s called a wired router since you would have to use an ethernet cord to connect each of your computers to this router. There is less signal interference when you use this router and the Internet speed you get on your computer is fast.

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