Synced Repairs focuses on time critical mobile phone, tablet & laptop repair services. Our key services are 1 hour iPhone repairs Perth. This can be done in store in Auckland, alternatively one of our tech’s can come to your home or office to carry out the repair on the spot. What sets us apart is our transparency to iPhone, iPad & iPod part qualities. We stock factory original parts but also a more economical solution which incorporates aftermarket materials, for example an iPhone screen can comprise an aftermarket glass and original Retina LCD or the original Gorilla Glass & Retina LCD. Some companies simply quote “original” while withholding the quality of the glass & touch sensor.



You dropped your iPHone or Blackberry or something happened and your screen is no longer working and dangerous glass cracks all over screen? We have all parts in stock and we do replacements right on the spot. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll install new glass and or LCD for you with high quality materials.


    Your charge your phone every single day and battery start to lose it’s original talk time ? Its time to replace it. Our technicians will replace your battery fast and you’ll be able to enjoy same talk time as if you would of purchased a new phone.


    This is very common problem because we use it every day to listen some music and to talk over headset. We have headphone jacks for models of iPhone and iPod Touch and Blackberry available and in stock.


    Lot of times power jack gets out of order and needs to be replaced. We carry power jacks for all iphone models and it can be replaced so you can start using your device without fear of running out of power.