PUBG Roulette is one of the most common gamemode where your goal is to place your credits on a color (usually Red, Black and Green) and then hoping it hits that color. Your goal is to basically just guess the next color, although the color ‘picks’ are generated randomly but sometimes they form a pattern, it’s all about luck! If your selected color is rolled then you earn profits as much as 50x of what you put it. Most sites usually do x2 for red, x2 for black and x14 for green but on some sites you can go upto as much as 50x, unbelievable, right?

As simple as it sounds! Coinflip is a gamemode where you play against a player and pick a side (out of 2), you wager your skins and the opponent wagers a same amount of skins and each one has a 50 percent chance of winning, the site randomly generates a winner and he takes all the wagered skins!

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