Prices for Bitcoin / crypto-coins will rise and values ​​will be traded in a kind of black market, but in this case, nerds and soft asses (like me for example!) Will be left out because you can be sure that authorities and heavy control everything, and the states will punish with disastrous measures identical to what we see with drug war and trafficking policies.


Or because of the heavy penalties imposed by states and governments, we would see prices turning to dust after the mass of people who buy and sell crypto-coins and bitcoin leave the scene because of restrictions and laws: we have to remember that this mass of thousands of small buyers and sellers (I am included here in this group), which sustains and produces these astronomical and surreal variations that we only see in the world of crypto-coins and bitcoin.

Will they ban the Exchanges in Brazil?

Apart from Japan, everything indicates that in the near future, we will see the exchanges in the world and in Brazil closing their doors or moving to less backward countries …

Until South Korea began with freshness giving signs that soon will be difficult and very much the life of the traders of bitcoin and Blockchain Console in Asia.

Soon, South Korea is an oasis for exchanges, as is Japan, which has accepted and improved the uses of Bitcoin and crypto-coins.

I just know that a lot of people are going to be out of work if the government criminalizes bitcoin and banishes the Exchanges and Icos from here.