Best in ear headphones under 100

The Revjams Studio Vibe headphones have a cool design which is comfortable, lightweight and provides noise isolation which allows you to listen to your favorite music without interference. The high quality drives deliver powerful bass and clear sound. Thanks to the wireless technology which offers a range of 33 feet you can connect to any device that has bluetooth enabled

The lithium battery which is rechargeable offers 20 hours of continuous play for your favorite music. Built in music controls for volume, play/pause and track skip, are easily accessible directly from the headphones, allowing for simple and easy control of your music without a need to reach for your phone or device. You can answer you calls directly from the built in microphone. These best over ear headphones under 100 come with a charging cable, a audio cable which can be used to listen to devices that are non bluetooth and a nylon slim profile travel case.

Bluedio Turbine T2s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, 57mm Drivers/Rotary Folding (Black)
The engineers from Bluedio Headphones spent almost two years for researching and creating the T2S. The ear cups have a diameter of 2.24 inches. The T2S is the abbreviation for Turbine, these have rotative ear cups which can rotate up to 195 degrees, for and easy carrying and less space. These have the latest bluetooth chip for you to transmit files at formidable speed and to bring you smooth music experience. You can now listen to your favorite music because these have a battery that lasts 40 hours. The ear cups and the headband are padded with foam and are covered with soft leather making these comfortable to wear. The headband is adjusted with the Ergonomics theory to fit all head sizes. The T2S is not only a bluetooth device, you can also use these as a wired headset.Just plug in the cable and enjoy your favorite music when the battery runs low.

AUSDOM M04 Bluetooth 3.0 Over-ear Wireless Headphones with Microphone

The AUSDOM M04 Bluetooth headphones feature noise isolation which blocks the unwated sound to deliver clear sound. The 400Am rechargeable battery delivers 18 hours for both talk and audio play time. The built-in microphone permits you answer calls without touching your phone.These are foldable headphones which you can store them in your travel case and take them anywhere you go. The 40mm drivers deliver deep and powerful bass. These have a compact over the ear design, the soft padding and adjustable headband provide an exceptional fit when you wear them for long periods of time. The M04 are the best in ear headphones under 100.


Dog Hot Spots

K9 KlearUp™ is a naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic balm solution that helps with the following 17 dog skin conditions:

1. Dog Hot Spots and Chronic Skin Rashes: Hot spots on dogs and other furry animals occur rapidly and can be extremely painful. If your dog has a skin rash that just won’t go away, the K9 Klearup solution is treatment 3X daily up to 7 days. This will eliminate visible skin inflammation and reduce any pain your dog may have.

2. Cuts and Scratches: Becuase K9 Klearup contains micronutrients needed for cellular regeneration including zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium, this solution leads to faster healing time of cuts and scratches on dogs and furry animals without scarring.

3. Minor Bleeding: For those times when your dog’s nails are cut a little too short, K9 Klearup is a quick and effective solution. The high “tannin” count (stuff that makes red wine really good for the heart) contained in K9 KlearUp™ stops bleeding quickly.

4. Split Pads: Great solution for minor damage to your dogs pads. A high percentage of “tannins” work to close the wound while the cellular rejuvenation properties work with your dog’s body to rebuild.

Best iPhone repairs Perth

Synced Repairs focuses on time critical mobile phone, tablet & laptop repair services. Our key services are 1 hour iPhone repairs Perth. This can be done in store in Auckland, alternatively one of our tech’s can come to your home or office to carry out the repair on the spot. What sets us apart is our transparency to iPhone, iPad & iPod part qualities. We stock factory original parts but also a more economical solution which incorporates aftermarket materials, for example an iPhone screen can comprise an aftermarket glass and original Retina LCD or the original Gorilla Glass & Retina LCD. Some companies simply quote “original” while withholding the quality of the glass & touch sensor.



You dropped your iPHone or Blackberry or something happened and your screen is no longer working and dangerous glass cracks all over screen? We have all parts in stock and we do replacements right on the spot. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll install new glass and or LCD for you with high quality materials.


    Your charge your phone every single day and battery start to lose it’s original talk time ? Its time to replace it. Our technicians will replace your battery fast and you’ll be able to enjoy same talk time as if you would of purchased a new phone.


    This is very common problem because we use it every day to listen some music and to talk over headset. We have headphone jacks for models of iPhone and iPod Touch and Blackberry available and in stock.


    Lot of times power jack gets out of order and needs to be replaced. We carry power jacks for all iphone models and it can be replaced so you can start using your device without fear of running out of power.


Factors to consider when looking for the best computer graphic cards

The ever evolving world of graphic cards gets thicker every other year with new, faster and at times cheaper models being released by the leading players in the market. It is thus fully understandable for one to keep on asking; which are the best computer graphics cards for gaming?


Depending on the technology implemented in the graphic card and other inherent features therein; the market is currently awash with cards that one can use to play the latest gamest at ultra-high settings; these cards are pretty fast, highly efficient and quite affordable too. It is very important for one to clearly identify the kind of games he or she intends to play before buying or choosing a graphic card and the specifications of the said card.

To get the best graphics cards for gaming, it is important to consider the following factors, they include;

The Graphic Processor Unit (GPU)

Most manufacturer’s being acutely aware of the importance of the GPU interface, have gone ahead to introduce some of the best computer graphics cards for gaming in the market; these cards pack much more powerful graphic processor units (GPUs). These units offer the CPU much more leeway, allowing the CPU to process all graphics separately; this function frees the CPU for other roles when processing any graphics.

Fill Rates and Memory

The best computer graphics cards for gaming do come with quite high pixel and texture fill rates; this feature provides for much smoother and faster animations and scrolling opportunities thereby improving the frame rate. The latest cards offer a texture and pixel fill rate of 234. Some graphic cards have implemented two core processors to offer much more power on the graphics side and free the CPU to handle other tasks.


Get New York Photo Booth services

That’s why we are on hand with help throughout your experience with us. From making sure the photo booth is stocked with the appropriate props and backdrops, to even creating a beautiful photo collage of multiple shots to commemorate the night.

New York Photo Booth prices differ from company to company and event to event but we offer a wide range of packages at competitive prices that we are sure to cater for each event. Each one is tailored to your specific needs to ensure you have a photo booth at your next event that fits comfortably within your budget.

So why choose The New York Photo Booth?

  • What’s the difference between hiring a photographer and booking one of our photo booths? INSTANT PRINTING! Photos taken can be printed in just a few seconds, ensuring you can take your pictures away with you the same night instead of having to wait a few days.
  • Social Media Sharing: Our Photo booths come with the option to upload to your favourite social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, you can also send your photos in an email too…all directly from the comfort of our photo booths!
  • Customized Photo Booths: Whatever the occasion; birthday, wedding or business function, our booths can be set up accordingly to fit in with your event. With every detail taken into careful consideration we make sure to have the appropriate props available if the party is themed, I.E fancy dress, Halloween. Also, the finer aspects of our photo booths are that every photo can be watermarked with either info of the event or if it’s for business purposes then branding of your choice can be placed on all the pictures. This adds a more personal or professional touch to your photos.
  • Video Booths: Focus Booth New York doesn’t just provide you with high quality photos for your event but we also supply a video recording service. It gives our guests the opportunity to leave a heartfelt video message for the newlyweds, the birthday boy or girl or the host to watch back later.
  • Fun Attendants: All of our photo booths come with a fully trained attendant for your Event. Our photo booths are user-friendly but if any technical problems do arise, help will be on hand throughout the entire event. Our professional staff will always attempt to make the guests feel welcome with playful interaction and strive to make your experience with The New York Photo Booth as fun and unforgettable as possible.
  • Unlimited Photos: Once you have booked The New York Photo Booth for your event, your guests have unlimited photo booth sessions throughout! They can visit the photo booth as much as they like and take as many photos as their hearts desire.


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