Ask questions about what you would expect from a caregiver, like how much time you want him or her to spend with your child and how much interaction will be allowed between you. Also, ask what your child’s health care needs are, such as vaccinations, immunizations, dental care, and medications. Some caregivers also work closely with teachers, psychologists, doctors, teachers, or nurses. Some caregivers also work as consultants to other people in the child’s life such as a coach or counselor. Ask about the type of environment your child is in and if they can offer support and guidance during these times.

Finding the Best Childcare Resources

Most importantly, you should find out what kind of support they offer to families. If you feel that your child needs help, you should ask your caregiver to check with the school, church, or daycare center where you may not be able to see your child. Be sure to let your caregiver know that you would like to see your child. If the caregiver cannot help, try to have them check in with the school or local childcare center in your area, or with the counselor you use.

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