As detached garages builders, we DON’T sell garage plans BUT they come FREE of charge if you decide to let us build your garage for you, which means… NO more trial and error, headaches, and the higher risks of over-spending when something goes awfully wrong plus you get to free yourself from the time-consuming garage building process and focus instead on things you do best.


We are expert garage builders, we love what we do and that’s the only thing that we do. Letting the experts build your garage for you NOT only takes the pressure off your back but will also ensure that you will end up with the best garage in the shortest possible time!

We can help even if you already have your own garage plans, we’ve been working with building blueprints and plans as long as we can remember; we’ll be able to interpret and structure your purchased plan into a physical structure that’s exactly in accordance with the blueprint.

If by chance, you happened to purchase the wrong plan for your needs but still want something done similar to the blueprint, we’ll be glad to build a customized garage that’s based on the original plan for you.

Ready to talk about your garage plan? Call us and we’ll plan a garage structure according to your specifications. We’ll take on your project from plan to a finished structure, so next winter, there’ll be no more car scraping!

The standard garage sizes are as follows:

Single Garage – 14×20,14×22, 16×20, 18×22
Double Garage – 22×22, 22×24, 24×24, 24×26, 26×28
Oversized Garage – Up to 12.5% of your total land area is allowed.
Garage Packages Tulsa – Design & Function
Just like your home, there’s no one design fits all type of selection when it comes to selecting a garage package. So, we make sure that we work with you every step of the way in order to plan and deliver the perfect garage package that you’ve been dreaming about.

We build long lasting, functional garage that looks great!

Allow us to plan and build your DREAM garage for YOU!