K9 KlearUp™ is a naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic balm solution that helps with the following 17 dog skin conditions:

1. Dog Hot Spots and Chronic Skin Rashes: Hot spots on dogs and other furry animals occur rapidly and can be extremely painful. If your dog has a skin rash that just won’t go away, the K9 Klearup solution is treatment 3X daily up to 7 days. This will eliminate visible skin inflammation and reduce any pain your dog may have.

2. Cuts and Scratches: Becuase K9 Klearup contains micronutrients needed for cellular regeneration including zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium, this solution leads to faster healing time of cuts and scratches on dogs and furry animals without scarring.

3. Minor Bleeding: For those times when your dog’s nails are cut a little too short, K9 Klearup is a quick and effective solution. The high “tannin” count (stuff that makes red wine really good for the heart) contained in K9 KlearUp™ stops bleeding quickly.

4. Split Pads: Great solution for minor damage to your dogs pads. A high percentage of “tannins” work to close the wound while the cellular rejuvenation properties work with your dog’s body to rebuild.