The ever evolving world of graphic cards gets thicker every other year with new, faster and at times cheaper models being released by the leading players in the market. It is thus fully understandable for one to keep on asking; which are the best computer graphics cards for gaming?


Depending on the technology implemented in the graphic card and other inherent features therein; the market is currently awash with cards that one can use to play the latest gamest at ultra-high settings; these cards are pretty fast, highly efficient and quite affordable too. It is very important for one to clearly identify the kind of games he or she intends to play before buying or choosing a graphic card and the specifications of the said card.

To get the best graphics cards for gaming, it is important to consider the following factors, they include;

The Graphic Processor Unit (GPU)

Most manufacturer’s being acutely aware of the importance of the GPU interface, have gone ahead to introduce some of the best computer graphics cards for gaming in the market; these cards pack much more powerful graphic processor units (GPUs). These units offer the CPU much more leeway, allowing the CPU to process all graphics separately; this function frees the CPU for other roles when processing any graphics.

Fill Rates and Memory

The best computer graphics cards for gaming do come with quite high pixel and texture fill rates; this feature provides for much smoother and faster animations and scrolling opportunities thereby improving the frame rate. The latest cards offer a texture and pixel fill rate of 234. Some graphic cards have implemented two core processors to offer much more power on the graphics side and free the CPU to handle other tasks.