I just noticed this little program over at Mobile Top Soft called (un-surprisingly!) Remote Tracker.

Created for the continued line of devices with GPS built in (Artemis, Kaiser, Diamond etc.) its a neat little application that will track your device using gps and using the program, will text an alternative number details of its location.


Now I have seen programs like this before, and have always thought them lacking due to the fact that all that needed to be done was a hard reset, however this is reported to survive a hard reset using certain registry values. 

I’m not certain what they are but unless a thief is cunning enough to steal a windows mobile device, and then to subsequently be able to hard reset the device, and then know that it has this application on it, then I think there might be a good chance that this could work.

I have not tried it yet, as I am trying to get my device ready for repair, but I will be installing this when my Kaiser is ready. Hell I might even install it on my fiancée’s Diamond just to freak her out once or twice, though I am not advocating for this program to be used just to spy on people!

Whatever your needs/usage for this application may be, more information can be found using the link above, or to just download the program follow the link here.

Don’t forget to list your first impressions, problems, general opinions in the topic thread.

And best of all, don’t forget, its FREE!!!!