WINDOWS 10 has completed one year journey and keen to continue further on.As being the advanced version of the Windows it has some new features and a whole changed little layout resembling to Windows 8. And it has created great hype before release.Well to work on every new Windows platform or any new device we need some help, whether you are using PCs for years or a new user, it doesn’t matter at all.

How To Get Help In Windows 10 From Microsoft?
Early Windows platforms have been little easier to use but nowadays newer ones are sophisticated little ones. But no need to panic at all, given below are some tips that are going to help you through the windows 10 privacy.




F1 has been the windows help key for long and in Windows 10 the case remains the same.In order to get the help in windows 10 you need to simply press the F1 key and then help services will be opened if the program you are using has its own – otherwise your default browser will open in the bing search finding the ways to get helped.

How To Get Help In Windows 10 From Microsoft?


Microsoft has included a very new feature in windows 10 naming CORTANA. It works as a virtual assistant scheduling your meetings and appointments.It is also a best way to get help for basic issues .

How To Get Help In Windows 10 From Microsoft?

Cortana can be very useful to find the keyboards shortcut.As it has a great command over these.It has some preferred answer for the general question being asked by the users and in most cases it has been correct, providing its worth.But if you are in some real depth problem and seeking the help than cortana cannot be the best for you.Then it worth wasting your time trying to get help from cortana. Because cortana also has some limits to provide you help.


To get help in order to any respect direct calling to the support staff has been considered as the better option over chating to the support staff.But windows has tried to prove the things wrong and has shown their trust in chat based support system providing this as a feature in windows 10 .

How To Get Help In Windows 10 From Microsoft?

To have the experience over it find the contact support app with the help of search bar.The contact support app has been preinstalled in the windows 10 and if some how you have not that, you can get it from windows store.

As you have opened the app,choose the category that suits you best in order to get the help.As you have selected the topic ,you will be having an option to chat with support staff,describe your problem here and try to describe it in best possible way so that help can
be provided easily.