The Hunter Valley Wedding Venue is not just limited to the country’s west coast. This area has some of the best wedding venues and the best weather as well. It offers both romantic venues like the famous Wallalong House and city setting like the Hunter Valley City Hall and the Hunter River Museum. You can easily find all this and much more by searching online for Hunter Valley Wedding Venue options. You will come across some of the best Hunter Valley Weddings and Events in this part of the country.

Wedding Venue in Hunter Valley

Wallalong House. The Hunter Valley’s biggest attraction is its largest house which is situated at the top of a hill overlooking the whole low-lying valley. This house has an impressive history and is situated on top of a high ridge that overlooks the whole valley. This is the perfect place to celebrate your Hunter Valley weddings. The venue has many grandeur rooms like the grand drawing room, gym and other meeting places for guests to make their arrangements before the big day. The place is open for visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, book your wedding here today.

City Hall. City Hall is another major place in this area. It is also a major tourist destination. The venue is located in the middle of a residential area where the valley floor slopes gently towards the river. The City Hall is the main attraction for many guests. The location is also very popular for weddings because it is easily accessible and near some of the beautiful landscapes. The city hall hosts big weddings and large events like trade fairs and business meetings.