Using only the best products available, Proven Pest Control has become the number one option for termite inspection, termite treatments and all other pest control services in the Inner West. Having more than 20 years combined industry experience, they have helped thousands of homeowners and companies with their termites infestations, and other pest issues. They can complete inspections, treatments and evaluations to ensure that you get rid of your termites completely, while protecting your valuable belongings. In addition, pest control professionals can perform an evaluation for free and give recommendations for the right product to use for your particular situation. They are also trained to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your current pest situation.


If you live in the Peripheral Emsley area, we have a company that offers both termite control and other services. If you are having problems with small wood destroying pests, we will be able to provide you with free pest control and termite inspections, along with other services. We will also make sure that your building is free of termites and other pests. Although we are located in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina, all of our services are carried out within the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

We offer free consultation, pest removal, and the inspection, treatment, and evaluation of your current infestation. We will also offer a full internal treatment for your structure, as well as an external treatment which will include the transportation, treatment, and disposal of the pests. This service is performed by our certified applicators and is completed by a state licensed inspector. No matter what kind of infestation exists, we can treat them, safely. Whether your infestation includes ants, spiders, wasps, bees, or rodents, we can guarantee that we can find and remove all or some of the pests.