PR and SERP’s are not that connected
You can stop worrying that bad or low PR is going to effect how well you place. There was a time when it was important, but that is a time past.
The quality of your site’s backlinks is far more important.


Mass links is not what SEO Perth is

One quality link can be worth 100 spammy links. One should be cautious of companies that offer hundreds of links on pages that contain hundreds of links to other sites that have no relation to your company page.

Correct SEO is not just articles and directories
Many of the directory submission sites hold little value in the eyes of search engines. Almost anyone can do submissions, but if the site accepts any old article then it will hold very little value to your link building campaign. There should be great thought and effort put into writing articles that can be reused by the reputable website. Quality is very important.

The best SEO is ongoing

As competition grows and builds their links and site’s ranking, so must you keep pace with it. One cannot have a set period to do all the SEO; it’s a long process that needs quality links built over periods of time.

It’s a long, slow process

As mentioned above, SEO is not an overnight fix; it is a long steady process that will win the race for you. There isn’t a magic time frame of when you will be ranked on the top 10 results, a longer process with quality links built will, over time, get you the results you want.

The companies that generate massive amounts of spammy links in a very short time will most likely just end up getting your site penalized by Google. Quality links that happen in a seemingly natural way are the methods that will get you the results you need to be successful.