hair colouring

Hair colouring, or hair dying, is the process of changing your hair colour temporarily, usually to match a new one. The reasons for this are purely cosmetic: to add variety, to either match blonde, gray or other lighter shades, to get a more attractive or desired color, or perhaps to bring back the original hair colour once it’s been bleached or discoloured by excessive sun exposure or other hair treatments. Of course, permanent hair colouring involves a visit to your nearest cosmetic salon – which may not be worth the time and expense, depending on the desired end result, but at least it will leave you with a nice head of hair! Bleaches can either lighten your hair completely, or at least change its natural shade; they can also be used to hide blemishes, birthmarks and scars. If you want to take this to the next level, but don’t want to go to the trouble of getting a hair salon, hair dying is an alternative to dying your hair.


One thing to remember is that hair colouring procedures by definition use one of three types of hair-dye products: permanent hair-dye products (or coloring agents), semi-permanent hair-dye products, and temporary hair-dye products. The first two are cheaper than permanent hair-dye products, but tend to last longer than the latter. Semi-permanent hair-dye products are good for a few weeks in most cases, but tend to fade away towards the end of the hair-colouring cycle. Temporary hair-dye products can be bought over the counter, but care should be taken that they are 100% natural, and contain no harmful chemicals; if you buy them from a salon, check for their ingredients, as many may contain harmful chemicals.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about hair colouring is that people do not have to change their hair colour every six months or so like they used to in the old days. Hair-dyes still contain dye, and hair colours can still turn slightly darker as they age. But with some careful thought and planning, even women who have just had a hair cut or simply want their hair to be redone can enjoy bright new, long-lasting hair colours without the hassle and expense of having to change hair colouring every six months. What’s more recent hair-dye technology allows for even longer-lasting hair-dyes that can last as long as a year or even longer.