Hotmail, commonly referred to as Window Live Hotmail, is an email platform that works much like other free email platforms. It is now owned by software providers, Microsoft. Many web users can now create their own free hotmail account or the paid hotmail service called Hotmail plus. The services are more or less similar but at a fee of about 20 dollars every year, Hotmail Plus subscribers enjoy advantages such as no advertisements and add ons, no account expiration dates and increased storage capacity. Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia were the brains behind Hotmail which was officially launched in 1996. With only one year in service it had already attracted around 8.5 million users worldwide. This prompted Microsoft to buy it in 1997 at a total of $ 400 million. Hotmail has a lot of fascinating email features. Here are procedures on how to set up a hotmail login.


From here you can access your inbox, junk, drafts, sent emails and deleted emails and enjoy the whole Hotmail experience.

Hotmail guarantees its users a friendly user interface with an up to 7GB storage space for your files, emails and photos. It is the ultimate communication experience.